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Model:  Air Ozonizer & Ionizer SLH-4

Usage mode: Suitable for cars, trucks, rooms, offices etc


Skylite Health:  Plasma Ionizer and Ozonizer


Uses : Removes Odor. Bacteria, Virus & Dust Particles etc. also generates Negative Ions ,and ozone through natural air flow - clean & fresh air.


Our Plasma Bladeless Ionizer is inbuilt with two electrodes of High voltage; which generate thousands of tiny streaks of lightning, along with energetic electrons and Plasma ions. Those areas are called plasma fields.  But totally the ions and electrons will be in about equal numbers. Therefore, the device joins Negative Ions also. Our bladeless plasma ionizer air flow speed is>1M/s. No fan, no leaf



Polluted air is disinfected as it is passing through the plasma field--

In the plasma field will be strong collisions between the electrons and ions.

Those motions destroy bacteria, fungi, viruses and yeast contained in polluted air.


In the Plasma field energetic electrons and ions will charge the particles, dusts, smog in the polluted air turn them to charged particles and get rid of them through the collector.         


The Plasma field is contains balanced charges of ions and electrons. Therefore the device was combined with a Negative Ions kit. Ions output>three million, it is very good for our health and being called as Vitamin in the air. Negative Ions keep the air fresh, clean and natural.


Our Plasma Bladeless Ionizer: In the Plasma field we also release light Ozone (Less than 0.05 ppm) for removal of odors & Harmful chemical e.g. TVOC &HCHO etc…and Smoke, urine, body odors, Foods, pets, mildew, diapers sewage, etc.


Our  Plasma Bladeless Ionizer: Ionized gas in the Plasma field through Dust Collector Blade accelerated and steered by electric and magnetic fields turn to air flow output. Our plasma ionizer air flow speed >1M/s


The Electromagnetism Wave Radiation in the plasma Ionizer is only 1/100~1/1000 of CRT TV. Our bladeless plasma Ionizer was Meter-checked.


1) Get rid of bad odor.

2) Removes Toxic Chemical removes.

3) Remove Bacteria & Virus.

4) Removes Dust Particles

5) Negative Ion > 3 million keeps the air fresh, clean and natural. And is considered very good for our health.



l  Power: 12V-13.5V DC, 500mA   Attached AC/DC adaptor (100/240V 700 mA. Switching) UL, CE Listed.

l  Power consumptions:Stand-by:0.5W; High:4.5W; Low:3W

l  Materials: ABS777D*(5) and Stainless Dust Collector Blade

l  Control: Micro-process control.

l  Method of Plasma: Two electrodes of High voltage poles.

l  Negative Ion released: >3 million ions.

l  Ozone released: <0.05ppm.

l  Noise: <20dB.

l  Output air flow (speed): >1M/s. No fan, no leaf

l  Timer: 8 hrs, Built in

l  Size: 215 (H)* 70(W)* 105mm (D).

l  Dust collector: Built in one / set. Replaceable.

l  Safety: (1) Self-checking & adjusts all functions.

(2) Current auto. Limited, prevent overheat.

(3) Lower Electromagnetism Wave Radiation.


Suitable for cars, trucks^, rooms, office etc.  ^D.C.24V is special made.


Attached:  1. Adaptor (Switching) - AC100/240V 500ma.UL, CE listed.                                 2. One set of dust collector: Extra one for replacing


(1)  The biggest difference between plasma and ordinary is, it is a kind of ionized gas, containing positive ions and negative electrons. But totally contains ions and electrons in about equal numbers.

(2) Energetic electrons and ions mutual collision - plasma's granule has the population effect, so long as a granule perturbation, this perturbation can disseminate in each plasma ionizing particle. Forming the community to disturb and collides mutually

(3)Dust collector stainless steel collector blade)

The collected dust may extracted, and cleaned by removing the dust collection blade and dry wiping or wet wiping , The collection of impurities and dust is in the inbuilt dentate stainless steel plate, when cleaning special precaution must be taken.

(4) Plasma has the very high conductivity, with greatly strengthened electromagnetic fields coupling function. -- The charged particle may the same electric field and the magnetic field coupling, forms the magnetic fluid

(5)*ABS 777D: It meets the requirements of UL, FDA, EN71, and ENV1122, EPA 3050B and Japan High Polymer Center