Model:  Ozone Water Generator SLH-1

Usage mode: For Kitchen use


Specifications: Ozone Water Generator

  Product Name

Ozone Water Generator – Family use

Model No



* Function: for washing

*Control system: Microprocessor control

* Sensor system: Patent current of water impetus air current

* Indicating lamp: The power pilot is blue LED.  The ozone pilot is red LED


DC 12V / 500mA

Power Consumption

stand by 0.3W / working 6W

Ozone Output Control

built in 5 minutes timer

Ozone Output Consistency

0.6 +0.1ppm / 0.4 +0.1 ppm (in the water)


* Sensor system: Patent current of water impetus air current
Our Ozone Water Generators have PATENTED technology in four sections of airtight mixer to ensure Ozone and water can be fully mixed well, which produces an equal concentration of each drop of ozone water and makes the spillover rate of ozone much lower than international standard as well.


SGS and FIRDI Test Reports Certified that the Capacity of Sterilization reaches as high as 99.999% within 10 seconds!!!


Features of Our Ozone Water Generators:

n   Instant germ-eliminating capacity reaches as high as 99.99% within 10 seconds

n   Strong bactericidal power: It can eliminate bacteria, mold, cell spores, protozoan and viruses. (E. Coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, Pseudomonas aeruginosa…etc.

n   Decomposes or neutralizes the remaining pesticides on vegetables & fruits

n   Preserving freshness & Extends the life span of food

n   Removes bad odors

n   Bleaches naturally

n   Deep cleansing, release pressure

n   Environmental friendly, no second pollution

n   Upgrade tap water to germicidal water

n   No need for consumption materials or additives

n   Easy to operate

n   No need to wait instant sanitization



n   Personal hygiene and body care

n   Facial & skin treatment

n   Disinfection of baby products

n   Disinfection of kitchenware

n   Restaurants / Central kitchens

n   Schools

n   Hospitals

n   Dentist clinics

n   Pet shops / animal hospitals

n   Offices

n   Farms / fish farms

n   Foodstuff factories

n   Beverage shops

n   Supermarkets

n   Gardening



Patents & Advanced Technologies in our generators:

* Patent in four-step, closed type mixer

* Patent in D.F.C. testing system

* Patent in linked device (black box siphon drainage system)

* Direct current frequency conversion control

* Automatic Cleansing capability

* Ozone amount control

* Self-testing and repairing system

* Six hours automatic dehumidifying system


Certificates & Related Test Report:

*SGS certified 99.999% germ-eliminating capability in 10 seconds

*FIRDI tested germ eliminating capability over 99.999%

*Passed CE certification