Introduction of Ozone:

Ozone is also called trioxygen (O3), consisting of three oxygen atoms. Ozone was founded by a German scientist in 1785. It is a gas that has low density and is color-less under normal temperature. After heavy rain and thunder, the air is always so clean and freshening, that is in fact the smell of ozone.

  • Ozone is highly recommended by scientists and is considered a “green” element. It is the effective germ-eliminating substance that does not harm to environment.

  • Ozone is toxic-free, no chemical substance & no remnants.

  • Ozone is unstable, reactive and soluble in water and has strong oxidizing force.

  • Ozone is effective in eliminating germs. Compared to ultraviolet, it is much faster and more efficient. And compared to chlorine, it is 3000 times more efficient.


Ozone Water Generator Functions:

Our Ozone Water Generator series products have patented technology to mix ozone and water successfully so that the concentration is controlled in the stable situation. SGS and FIRDI test reports certified that the capacity of sterilization reaches as high as 99.999% in a few seconds.


NOW Introducing Skylite Health technologies patented Ozone Generators, whilst the whole world continues to be under the threat of swan flu, the bird flu and other viruses


Skylite health technologies Ozone Generators have passed through The Food Industry Development Research Institute (FIRDI) and the SGS examines, the bactericidal coefficient reaches as high as 99.9%~100% within 10 seconds, such as H1N1, H5N1, Albicans, salmonella, staphylococcus aureaus, colon bacillus & virus...etc can be killed or neutralized by up to 99.999%.


Our factory has been engaged in manufacturing and R&D of ozone related products for more than 10 years, 3 years ago, with our advanced innovation technology, we developed Ozone germicidal faucet of the newest generation -- Ozone Water Generator.

 Skylite health technologies Ozone Generators have PATENTED technology in four sections of airtight mixer to ensure Ozone and water can be fully mixed well, which produces an equal concentration of each drop of Ozone water and makes the spillover rate of Ozone much lower than international standard as well.


 The Advantages of Skylite health technologies Ozone Generators:

1. Easy DIY Installation

2. Strong Bactericidal Power

3. Simple Installation

4. No Chemical substances to Add

5. No Pollution

6. Upgrade Tap Water to Germicidal Water

7. No Consumables

8. Instant effect